curated by Daniela Fonti and Francesco Tetro

The exhibition curated by Daniela Fonti and Francesco Tetro stems from the scientific rearrangement work carried out by the Archive during the preparation of the Villa Torlonia exhibition, which was an important opportunity for general reconsideration of Cambellotti’s work, also in light of the rich and unpublished photographic documentation being inventoried.

The exhibition, which sees the exhibition of two hundred works with an evocative set-up, all owned by the Archive and in most cases available to the collector, aims to present lesser-known or completely unpublished materials that show the modus operandi of the artist in the various stages of defining a graphic or plastic idea (from the summary sketch to the finished work) and the ever-present relationship between different techniques.

The subdivision of the exhibition by thematic areas (applied arts, sculpture, illustrations, etc.) will accompany the visitor on a path full of suggestion and will allow to give greater visibility to a work, the daily one of the Archive, which normally takes place behind the scenes.