curated by Elena Pontiggia
15 novembre-9 dicembre 2017

The exhibition, curated by Elena Pontiggia, proposes an extraordinary itinerary in the artistic production of Virgilio Marchi, presenting a vision of architecture in which the use of curves and geometries visibly tends “to the thrust, the impact to the cut, the resistance, to agitation in space ”, as defined by the artist himself. Among the works on display the series of works created for the Competition for the Palazzo del Littorio and for the E42 building in Rome, in the EUR, a district with a profoundly directional urban layout and a strong classical matrix, still constantly admired internationally. It is no coincidence that a district used by many directors for its strong scenographic impact, a work material deeply rooted in the whole artistic career of Marchi, right from the initial works.

In addition to exhibiting a selection of architectural drawings, the exhibition offers a series of works that make it possible to read Marchi as one of the leading exponents of the second Futurism and as one of the greatest Italian scenographers.

An exhibition that is an opportunity to have a general and analytical picture of the artist, within a period of great turmoil where human events, within two wars, are reflected in all their influence in the imagination , in the technical and creative work of the visionary artists who have gone through it.


Virgilio Marchi
Virgilio Marchi. Futur-classico razionalista

a cura di Elena Pontiggia